Support for Young people with severe mental health distress (Edinburgh)

There is a serious lack of resources throughout the UK for people at risk of suicide, especially young people. It can be very difficult for young people who are at risk of taking their own lives, or otherwise suffering serious mental illness, to gain access to timely therapy support. The NHS and community services are often overstretched leading to long delays which may prevent support at the right time. Meanwhile some young people simply can not afford to pay for private professional therapy.

Young people at risk of suicide or severe distress

Young people suffering from depression, anxiety, mood disorders, bipolar, eating disorders, self harm or other kinds of mental health distress can be at risk of either self harming, taking their own lives or becoming suicidal in the long term if their conditions are not addressed. Other young people may have already have reached such levels of pain and desperation.

Counselling, Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, CBT, Clinical Hypnotherapy

Scotlandtherapy, consisting of Stuart Morgan-Ayrs and Denise Morgan-Ayrs are among a team of therapists working in partnership with the Joshua Nolan Foundation to provide additional support to young people at risk of suicide and or suffering from severe mental health distress.

Funding via the Joshua Nolan Foundation

The partnership scheme enables therapists to work with young people who might not otherwise be able to afford therapy support. The therapist assesses the number of sessions needed and what the client can afford to contribute, and the Foundation then helps to fund the rest of the session cost in liaison with the therapist.

Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Psychoanalysts, Hypnotherapists

Stuart and Denise are experienced specifically in providing mental health support and are both professionally registered, insured, qualified and registered on the CNHC Accredited Register scheme maintained by the Professional Standards Authority for healthcare professionals not subject to statutory regulation. Both are first aid trained and both are on the Disclosure Scotland PVG Scheme for working with young people and vulnerable adults. Mental health support is based around Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based psychological therapies as recommended by NICE but is integrative and flexible in nature.

Stuart trained initially in Analysis (psychoanalysis, logical analysis, cognitive behavioural analysis), stress management counselling (including anxiety related conditions) and clinical hypnotherapy. He has since completed post graduate and continuous professional development training in a range of psychotherapies, counselling styles and topics including a MSc in Psychology. He has also worked as an intensive service support (mental health) care worker. His therapy styles are Psychoanalysis, integrative Psychotherapy (including CBT, Mindfulness, linguistic analysis, philosophical) and clinical hypnotherapy. His specialist areas are Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, Mood Disorders, Self Harm, Eating Disorders and personal identity.

Denise is a trained counsellor, psychotherapist and hypnotherapist who uses her training as a talking and complementary therapist alongside her experience as a former mental health support worker to address mental health conditions. Her therapy areas are cognitive behavioural therapy based and she has completed additional training including Mental Health 1st Aid and WRAPS (a CBT based mental health support method). After her initial training in counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy she has completed a range of continuous professional development training including various complementary and talking therapies and a Bachelors Open Degree in psychology and health science topics. Her specialist areas are anxiety, stress, depression, self harm and general mental health distress and management.

How to access reduced rate counselling and psychotherapy for young people at risk of suicide or severe mental health distress

You can find out more about the work of the Joshua Nolan Foundation and how the scheme works by visiting their website HERE. Alternatively you can commence the process by emailing Stuart and Denise at Scotlandtherapy so they can guide you through the process.

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