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FHT registered therapist. AR scheme registered under hypnotherapy

Stuart is not only a well qualified hypnotherapist, but also taught freestyle and mixed martial arts for over 20 years. He remains a practitioner of martial arts and an enthusiastic gym goer despite a serious car crash limiting is own current sports potential.

Stuart taught fitness, strength training and circuit training as an integral part of martial art coaching and has a well rounded knowledge of fitness training.

As a sports hypnotherapist Stuart has worked with Martial Artists, Darts Players, Golfers, Cricketers and general fitness enthusiasts to improve their performance in training and in competition.

Sports hypnosis uses psychotherapy methods and suggestion to address issues that hold the sportsperson back, and then uses cognitive behavioural change and visualization to practice better performance.

Sports hypnosis combined with CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming) can enable the sportsperson to design how they wish to feel psychologically during training or competition, increasing focus, determination, motivation and where appropriate calmness or enthusiasm.

Visualization can enable the sportsperson to practice sporting actions correctly every time, teaching body and mind without error, which can translate into better performance in the actual physical event. Hypnosis is the ideal state of relaxed mind in which to practice, and self hypnosis is an excellent part of after training recovery.

Stuart trained in hypnotherapy and psychoanalysis with the ASM, whose diploma is recognised by the Society of Stress Managers, a CNHC regulator accreditation route for hypnotherapy which required NVQ assessment as an integral part of the training and assessment process. He has completed extensive post graduate ongoing training including multiple diplomas and a MSc in Psychology.

Stuart is registered with the CNHC, the voluntary complementary health regulator set up with UK government funding, which is also an AR (approved regulator: part of the Professional Standards Authority system).


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