Stuart is a FHT registered therapist and on the AR under hypnotherapy

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Different therapies have different standards and registration standards. Below the therapies provided by Scotlandtherapy will be considered in turn. 

The PSA is an independent body, accountable to Parliament. The PSA was asked by the Government to set up the AVR scheme in 2012 [now AR scheme] , to offer enhanced protection for anyone seeking health and social care services that are not statutorily regulated.’
(PSA statement: Professional Standards Authority)

The Accredited Voluntary Registered scheme was renamed the PSA Accredited Register in December 2014 to clarify that although voluntary, registrants are subject to similar standards on an AR are they are if on a statutory register. Both are overseen by the PSA.

As long as a practitioner has a core competency registered on an AR Accredited Register scheme, they are competent in a core therapy model and are disclosure checked and their fitness to practice is checked. Many practitioners have many post graduation competencies not covered by an AR scheme in addition to their core competency, although these are normally registered with a professional body. The AR scheme enables enhanced protection, professional bodies enable strict codes of conduct and ethics and more detailed therapist registration and support. Some high quality professional bodies are entry routes to voluntary regulation: NACHP, NCP and FHT are all CNHC regulation entry assessment routes.

Stuart and Denise are insured for professional therapy provision and adhere to appropriate NOS for therapies offered.
NOS are the National Occupational Standards (standards of good practice) for therapies in the UK.


Hypnotherapy is subject to voluntary regulation via the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council). The CNHC is the complementary health regulator set up with UK government funding. The CNHC is also an AR. This regulation became active for hypnotherapy in 2011. Stuart and Denise are both CNHC registered as hypnotherapists. Both are NACHP registered as a professional body. 


Counselling and Psychotherapy

These are not subject to regulation, although it is possible to join a professional body who has an AR or Accredited Register. This is in practice a form of light touch regulation. This became active in 2013. This does not apply to Stuart or Denise since these are post graduate competencies. Both therapists have NACHP professional body registration and Stuart is also a Senior Accredited member of the NCP.  



Psychoanalysis is not subject to regulation. Stuart is a Senior Accredited member  and Fellow of the NCP and a full member of the NACHP. 


Life Coaching

Life coaching is not subject to any regulation. Denise and Stuart are both registered with the SHTC.


Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapies are mainly subject to voluntary regulation via the CNHC, but the FHT (a major professional body) also holds an AR. These became active around 2010-12. Stuart is a full member of the FHT and is registered with their AR scheme under hypnotherapy.


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